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Let's Make a Difference


Take Part in Something Great


Why I'm Running

"I am running to address and alter the current political climate. We desperately need honesty and the ability to listen, even to those we do not agree with. In Westmoreland County, one party controls almost all elected positions. Only one point of view is considered for most major decisions. The situation is especially frightening when the people in these positions appear to take direction from their national party leaders rather than local residents.”

My Pledge

  • I pledge the following:

  • I will not accept lies as facts.

  • I will not use this office for financial gain or as a stepping stone to higher offices.

  • I will respectfully listen to all the people of this district.

I am Pro-Choice

We should not follow the national republican trend of enacting legislation that eliminates abortion access and threatens medical providers and family and supporters of those that seek an abortion.​

Donald Trump has too much influence over Republican Party Leaders

January 6, 2021 was one of the darkest days of our country. Like a lot of other US citizens, I watched in horror as a group of devoted Donald Trump followers attempted to violently overrule the results of an election while threatening to kill our Vice President and members of the House of Representatives. Members of the Republican Party leadership have bought-in to Donald Trump’s lies about a stolen election and massive voting fraud as they try to make it harder for legitimate voters to cast their ballot.

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